Our production

BVT Partneriai is an official representative of TRANE - one of the largest and oldest water/glycol air conditioning equipment manufacturer, which recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.

TRANE especially stands out in the production of chillers, which are famous for their high energy efficiency ratio, heavy duty assembly and durability. The products are constantly improved, by selecting better materials and adding additional high quality components. Trane chillers are for those who think about the long-term investment.

TRANE is one of few manufacturers that produce both screw and scroll compressors by themselves. TRANE compressors are very reliable and work excellent in thousands of buildings around the world. TRANE is not only a great manufacturer of chillers but can also offer the whole complex for buildings, including BMS, water convectors, rooftops, AHUs and other solutions such as chillers rental.


The manufacturer has factories around the world and equipment for European market is mainly produced in Charmes and Epinal factories in France.


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