Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Our production

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd is one of the founder and leader of modern market of cooling equipment for household, office and industrial use. The corporation produces everything that is connected with this industry starting from autonomic conditioners ending with climatic complexes for the whole megalopolis united in one network. To provide comfortable live conditions for nowadays human Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is annually developing and implementing brand new technologies in production of climatic technical equipment that are based on effectiveness, efficiency and friendly to environment technologies.

MHI company offers a wide range of versatile and energy-efficient single and multi-split systems, to cover small and medium size commercial applications and all residential setups. All of our products offer best-in-class efficiency thanks to high performance inverters and smart designs. Our split systems come in a range of capacities and combinations to suit domestic and small commercial applications, while our sophisticated VRF-KX series provides heating and cooling solutions for commercial and industrial uses.

Companies’ group “BVT Partners” performing its activity in the Baltic States is an official Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. representative in the region.

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